Local projects have broad implications in the larger struggles against capitalism, racism, climate change and land/water defense. Pipeline resistance is seeded in land-based indigenous resistance to colonialism.

Continuing to resist any industrial project connected to the tarsands is essential. Remember; the extraction and refining of oil from the tarsands actively kills people and contributes to a long legacy of genocide against indigenous people.

Direct action is an intervention meant to bring about immediate and effective relief or change. it has been effectively & successfully used throughout history.

Pipeline infrastructure, maintenance and construction projects offer unique points for intervention and resistance & have the opportunity to make direct impacts on the corporations and exploitation we rage against.

Remember; no matter how an exploitative capitalist venture frames their work, the only authentic way to ensure our own safety against these threats is to stop these projects and mitigate the growth of the tarsands and petroleum industry altogether.

By using direct action to resist we are taking the necessary action to protect our communities, this earth and our future.


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